Strategic Directions

Addis Development Vision (ADV) in its efforts to realize its mission follows the following strategic direction/ programmatic focus in the context of the marginalized groups.

1. Empowerment

ADV will invest on the empowerment of the disadvantaged people in order to enable them improve their living condition by overcoming lack of participation and poverty. In its empowering approach, ADV will support capacity development of poor women, youths, and grassroots institutions that work with the disadvantaged.

2. Enable disadvantaged persons to have access to basic social services.

ADV strongly believes that disadvantaged people will perform better if they get increased access to basic education, health, water and sanitation, rehabilitation, appropriate technologies and other social services. ADV will therefore work with the poor to achieve access services relevant to their lives.

3. Knowledge and skill development of poor people

As knowledge and skill factors including cultural beliefs and opinions are crucial factors in sustaining misery and poverty, ADV would like to build adequate knowledge and skills that prepare people for better living.