Addis Development Vision (ADV) is a humanitarian and non-profit making organization founded in 1993 by a group of Ethiopian volunteers to improve the lives disadvantaged groups of society by accessing health, education, and training and employment opportunities. ADV since its start has developed programs, which aimed at dealing with some of the major problems of the disadvantaged people in Kirkos and Nefasilk Lafto Sub-cities of Addis Ababa, Awassa, Siltie of South Nation Nationalities and Peoples Regional State and Lasta/ Lalibela of North Wollo Amhara Region.

ADV envisions Ethiopia where all children grow, learn and live in secure, safe and sustainable environment

ADV exist to contribute to the improvement of the lives of the poor particularly children to be able to benefit from education, health, livelihood, and other basic social services and capacity building opportunities

Core Values

ADV’s cardinal values determine the very existence of the organization, its relationship with others, its functioning, and effectiveness. Therefore, ADV fully adheres to the following core values as its operational philosophy.

Transparency and Accountability: ADV adheres to accountability in all aspects of its governance; and operates in a manner that is transparent, open, honest, and takes responsibility for any decision it makes.

Excellence: ADV strives for the highest standards of excellence in working towards program objectives, in supporting and developing human resources, and in managing financial and other resources at its disposal.

Partnership: As an organization serving diverse beneficiaries and having contacts with different partners, ADV values an approach to partnership exemplified by teamwork, networking, institutional learning, and commitment.
Mutual Respect: ADV values mutual respect in dealings with beneficiaries, partners, and all stakeholders including donors, community members, government bodies, and others.

Inclusiveness: ADV follows the principles of inclusiveness of all participants in needs assessment and identification, in project design, development, and implementation.

Community Participation and Empowerment: ADV believes that the participation of communities at all levels of its work is crucial to the successful accomplishment of its goals and objectives

Gender Equity: ADV strives to balance the gender balance/status within the organizational.

Geographical areas (Region/Wereda)

ADV would like to work in areas of the country where there are big demands and when its competency allows it to do so. However, it is currently operational in the following areas of the country.
• Addis Ababa City Administration/Kirkos and Nefasilk Lafto Sub-cities
• Southern Nation, Nationalities and Peoples Region/Awassa city and its immediate surroundings and Silte Zone
• Amhara Region/North Wollo Zone/Lasta Wereda/Lalibela