ADV’s Earlychildhood Education program

The early childhood development program

A specific early childhood component to ADV began in 1998. ADV recognized that early childhood development is an important component in our disability intervention program. This is because delayed children development can be helped better at this crucial stage. By creating, an environment where disabled and non-disabled children can play, learn, and grow together , thought that right attitude could be inculcated in the minds of the children. In addition to this, it designed to demonstrate to the community members what could be possible done in the education of children with special needs. The better the children are prepared today the brighter the future of society.

So far, the program achieved much, in spite of the difficulties. Some notable examples of an impact are increased awareness levels of the value of ECD, high interest of children and their parents in the various activities of the ECD. One of the lessons we have learned is that ECD integrated with community based rehabilitation program can successfully reach children with disability and without disability and address their educational needs. The other lesson is that parents if encouraged and guided correctly despite their level of education can contribute to the richness of children learning. The passivity we find in many parents can be gradually eroded if we can build their self-confidence. Still the other lesson is that facilitator’s who undergone through community- based rehabilitation programs can best handle children with disabilities and non-disabled children and to better relate the program with parents.



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