Model farmer and proficient approach the case of Haji Komicho

Small hold farmers in Siltie are continuously challenged by climate change impacts and their ability to endure these negative changes is constrained by lack of climate knowledge, infrastructures, inadequate institutional and financial capacity, population pressure and low adaptive capacity.  Without good agricultural practice farmers cannot be effective in sustaining the environment.

ADV Development Vision(ADV) in partnership with   Siltie Development  Association(SDA) and Alage Agricultural Technical Vocational Education Training College(AATVETC) and  with the support of European union Civil Society fund II  is promoting a lead farmer approach that trains farmers to adapt to climate change and mitigate its consequences and that they are then able to share the skills and the knowledge they have acquired to their communities. Haji komicho a 56 years old living in Menzo seyato community, Sankura district Siltie zone was selected to the program by the climate advisory committee based on his previous farming skill, knowledge of the area, his leadership skills , positive attitude to teach other farmers and dispositions to learn and try new things.

Haji komicho received training from Alage College on soil, and water conservation, management of different crops, forest and agro forestry and different types of diseases and pests, compost preparation, management of bee keeping , small and big ruminants.(sheep, goat and cattle)

Haji komicho teaches other farmers using owns land for demonstrations. He at least reaches 20 farmers in 3 months time. He also periodically visits his fellow farmers at their places and encourages them to look after plants, trees, animals and protect the soil from erosion.  Currently he has got 11 female and 9 male farmers under his guidance. Haji komicho is helping his community by encouraging his fellow farmers better able to adjust to climates change and variability / moderating potential damage and helping them cope with adverse consequences. He is very proud of his contribution to his community.

Haji komicho applies good agriculture practice on his field by:

  • Planting cereal crops(maize, wheat, )on line and uses inter cropping methods
  • Harvesting water by digging pond which is 8m*8m
  • Planting 100 fruit crops (avocado ,papaya, mango)by micro basin strategy
  • Planting elephant and & dinsho & grass for soil conservation purpose and cattle feed
  • plants forest seedlings by drip irrigation system(highland plastic technology)
  • Fattening and growing cattle (sheep and goat).



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